Uno Martin Group is a leading company in Serbia, which manufactures and distributes safety equipment, multiaxial ballistic mate rials, geotextiles and geogrids, multiaxial fabric for windmill propellers, and fabric for special purpose...

The company UNO MARTIN GROUP from Sabac is a family business founded in 1986. year. In the first years of its operation the company became a leader in the domestic market of fashion garments, winning the distinctive quality and image.Today the company employs 150 people, from different fields of expertise of its experience and energy are the most power companies. Participants are numerous fairs and exhibitions at home and abroad, which deal with numerous awards, the Golden deer Fashion Fair 1995th in Belgrade, the latest in a series of fair SEEBE 2010 in Belgrade for Best Product Innovation in 2010. year.

At the end of the nineties initiated a new program official and protective clothing, based on best practices in the fashion industry. Following the best international trends, the domestic market were introduced new programs, meeting therequirements and the most specific user.The prerequisite for this was the provisionof expertise, quality, service, modern design, compatibility and improvement of care,comfort, durability and productivity.

Materials for making the highest quality, most often from abroad, while some, specific  fabric (conductive fabric and other technical fabrics by special order) are produced in its weaving of the highest quality imported raw materials. Confection is done in our own facilities at two locations in Smederevo and Sabac, and a large number of subcontractors in the whole of Serbia and surrounding countries (Bosnia, Macedonia…). We are able to answer the highest demands in terms of quantity, without affecting the quality of workmanship. Each stage of the production process is controlled by the experts.

A wide range of products including clothing to protect the body of general and special purposes, including ballistic program, with particular emphasis on high-quality range. In addition to service and working uniforms, work clothes widest use, and all other textile items (fashion and sportswear, knitwear, products and equipment for firefighters (NOMEX), suits reduced flammability (a known, MODACRYL…), clothes for the implementation of static electricity (ANTISTATIC), suits for work with a chainsaw (EN 381),high visibility clothing (EN 471) …

In 2008. year, putting into operation the most advanced line of multiaxial material, we begin the development of composite materials multiaksijalnih for ballistic protection:soft ballistics (ballistic panels) and hard ballistics (ballistic helmet-plates and the different levels and degrees of protection).

Due to its specificity multiaxial lines can run a wide range of fabrics of different raw materials (polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, glass, carbon, aramid, basaltic fiber) for multi-purpose use (for car parts, to produce propellers for wind turbines, shipbuilding …).

We have developed new technologies for the production geotextil- geokcomposites materials for widespread use (roads, railways,reinforcement low load-bearing surface lining, landfills, landslides …).
We have the opportunity to introduce you to a whole new range of products multiaxial “sandwich”- geocomposite geotextile, nonwoven geotextile resulting from the combination of  ( thermo felt ) and multiaxial deposited layers of different types of yarn .Depending on the application and the need for different characteristics of materials used and different raw materials.
In  more than 20 years of successful operation a significant part of their production are widespread  in abroad. Now carry our gear in Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Hungary, Libya, UAE, Kuwait and else where. Most of the jobs we get abroad through international tenders, where exports are implemented under the provisions of the Treaty, its own resources.