Aramide nano prepreg helmets 230

Aramide nano prepreg helmets 230


Property Specification Test method
Composition Aramide + nano PVB thermoreactive resin Internal
Width (mm) 1270 Internal
Thickness (mm) 0,35 ±0,05 after pressing Internal
Areal density (mm) 250 ±5% ISO 3801
Number of layers (mm) 2 Internal
Properties for application
Pressing plates or plate backing 165-175 C Internal
Pressing temperature min 10 kg/cm2 Internal
Pressing time 5 min * Internal
  • excellent mechanical and physical properties
  • high deegre of flexibility and endurance
  • excellent shock absorption
  • lightweight
  • moisture resistant
  • easy to process and handle
  • good protection against specific types of projectiles
  • maintain excellent ballistic performance even at temperatures of 80 C (according to standards NIJ 0101.04; NIJ 0101.06; STANAG 4569)
  • excellent fragmentation protection
  • minimal back face deformation
  • the new materials are insensitive to humidity and maintain their mechanical stability up to 120 C.

  • used for the production of ballistic helmets

Storage conditions are:
  • stored in a dry and dark place, prohibited from direct exposure to sun and UV rays
  • keep product covered with black impermeable plastic.


* Temperature in middle pressing plate must be 165-175 C.