We have the opportunity to introduce innovative wide product range of geotextiles, geogrids and geocomposites. Depending on the foundation soil and the expected loads we offer different combinations of geosynthetics. In recent times are more demands for cost-effective and environmentally friendly projects roads, railways, car parks, airport and stop on soft and unstable soil.

Geogrid achieve high-quality solutions that meet the economic and environmental requirements. The advantage of the specificity of our product range and are the textile network in a single layer of geotextile. Geotextile, geogrids and geocomposites are tested by accredited laboratories. Application of geosynthetics is cheaper to build and provide long-term solutions to common problems in civil engineering.

The structural contribution is based on the geogrid reinforcement layers of independent traffic areas. A wide range of geogrids and geocomposites with detailed results in practice extends the life of the asphalt layer. The advantage of the using the above material is to reduce as much as 40% of the thickness of the asphalt layer, and reduction to 70% rut. Easy installation and increased life cheapens the construction of roads which is an important factor in the selection of geosynthetics.


Application of geosynthetic materials is a solution to the problems faced by experts in the fields of engineering, environment, urban planning…There are numerous examples where you can apply different geosynthetic products (depending on the application and use of the facility): retaining walls, landslides and avalanches PREVENTING soil, protection of agricultural land, protect and ensure longevity of roads and railways, waterworks facilities, collection and storage of drinking water, transfer and transport water, waste dumps and waste lagoons, etc..

Primary functions

Geosintetcs serves to separate two layers of the terrain who have different more granulation.


Geotextile Products

We have the opportunity to introduce innovative wide product range of geotextiles