Primary functions

Separation - geosintetcs serves to separate two layers of the terrain who have different more granulation. For example, geotextile is used to prevent road material to penetrate the soft lower layer, and thus maintain projected thickness of the pavement. Separator also prevents lower level particles to pass up to a basic pea coat pavement.
Filtration - prevent geosintetics fine particle migration in the drainage layer. It is also used under the stone embankments of river banks to prevent erosion of the terrain.
Drainage - geosintetics serves as the outlet that carries the flow of water through a less permeable soil. It serves to Raspe water pressure on the embankment road. If the flow of water is recommended to use stronger geocomposit. Prefabricated drainage pipes PVD (prefabricated vertical drains) are used to accelerate consolidation of soft cohesive soil below the embankment fundamental.
Reinforcing - geosintetics serves as a reinforcing layer in the soil which improves strength and deformability of the terrain. Geotextile and geogrid serve to improve the tensile strength to form reinforced soil wall. Reinforced soil makes it possible to build dams through the soft and weak supporting substrate or embankment slope and to build the steep angle where it could not be build at the weak soil land.

Geotextile can be used to bridge the gaps that may appear below the supporting layer of roads and railways as well as covering layer of the landfill. Barrier for the liquid / gas - geosintetics is used as impermeable barriers for fluids and gases. Clay geosintetc material GCL is used as a barrier to the penetration of a liquid or gas in the ground. This can be applied to the upper layer of asphalt to prevent swelling of land that could jeopardize the top layer of asphalt.

Erosion - geosintetics prevent soil erosion caused by the influence of rainfall and surface water drainage. Biomat and geomat are placed over the upper layer of soil on the slopes. Other functions - geogrid to strengthen the upper layer of asphalt, waterproofing and protection of geomembranes breakthrough, concrete foundation waterproofing membranes construction based on bentonite ...
Geosintetics is also a solution for a number of specific problems faced by experts in the fields of engineering, ecology, planning... Numerous examples where are applicable different geosintetic products (depending on the requirements and purpose): supporting walls, stoping landslides and slope failure of soil, protection of agricultural land, protection and ensuring durability of roads and railways, hydroelectric works facilities, collecting and storing drinking water, transmission and transport of water, dumps and lagoons for waste, etc..