Wind energy

ULTRATEX d.o.o. Šabac, member of a company Uno Martin Group, is the first and only company in Serbia, which is producing and selling multiaxial fabric for making propellers for windmills.

  • manufacturing propellers for windmills used multiaxial fabric of glass fibers combined with resin
  • weight of the propeller may be about 6 t
  • 20% of the total cost of windmills makes propellers price
  • length of a propeller and is about 70 m

Countries with the largest number of windmills are: USA, Germany, Spain and India

  • today the real capacity windmills up to 6 mW
  • new projects put a special emphasis on wind turbines at sea
  • largest manufacturers Vestas, Nordex, Enercon, GE...


Wind Energy Products

Uno Martin Group is the first and only company in Serbia